Alex and Bob WEBSITECRUISIN’ GARAGE Radio Show is broadcast live Sunday Mornings 7:30 – 9:00am, from the KAHI Radio Studio in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills town, Auburn, California. 

Hosted by Alex Blanca and Bob Stearns, CRUISIN’ GARAGE is the voice for the classic car owner, the race car fan or anyone interested in the history and hobby of restoring or personalizing a classic, custom, hot rod or muscle car. 

The ninety minute show is packed with guests who come from all areas of the classic car industry.  From the local swap meet car parts seller, garage builder to show car owner and parts manufactures, we welcome them all.  We’re talking about local barn finds, car shows, swap meets, industry trends and the California vehicle laws that affect our hobby.  

Our goal is to inform and share experiences of our guests and help maintain a continued interest for the next generation of car collectors.  We do this by promoting local car clubs, car shows, the sponsors and the charities that benefit.  If you have a car or car parts for sale, preferably pre-1973, give us a call during the show, or tell us what you’re looking to buy.

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This morning, after talking to Paul from the Capitol As Car Club, on the radio show (via telephone), we went to Colfax, for breakfast. There we ran into members of the Auburn As. It was a Ford Model A kinda day. ... See MoreSee Less

Join us on Cruisin' Garage tomorrow morning 7:30 - 9:00am. We're talking to Steve Frisbie, builder of this 2017 Ridler Award Winning Car.
Also, Paul Menz from the Capitol As Car Club will be talking about his club and history with the Model A.
LIsten live at kahi.com, from your smartphone using the free KAHI App, or locals can tune into AM 950, on your radio.
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The winner of the 2017 Ridler award goes to... Steve Frisbie and Buddy Jordan's 1933 Ford Roadster! Follow the link for the whole story bit.ly/2lKu2sf

Don't forget to spring your clocks forward, one hour, tonight. Also, changing your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors batteries are always recommended. ... See MoreSee Less